Meet our Board

We are grateful to these community leaders for their efforts on behalf of children in the foster care system.

Peyton Young  


        Peyton grew up in Philadelphia and attended Temple University, graduating in 1988. After school she worked for a community organization that helped people buy homes in their communities and worked to stop redlining of low income and minority communities. In 1992, she moved to Santa Fe to open a restaurant. Peyton, and her husband Harry, have owned and operated Harry’s Roadhouse since then, growing the business and providing jobs for 75 employees. Peyton loves the Santa Fe community, and has volunteered in local nonprofits for a decade. She likes to hike, run and ski, continue learning Spanish, and travel when time permits. She and Harry have a 23 year old daughter. Peyton served on the Grand Jury for First District Court and heard evidence in the case of the murder of a local child and she states “It really had an impact on me. I always appreciated the work CASA did, but hearing first hand, how as a community, we had let that little boy slip through the cracks has made me want to be involved in keeping that from happening to more children.”

Julia Lapis

Vice President

Julia is an attorney at Los Alamos National Laboratory, having practiced law since 1998 in California and New Mexico. She has worked on multiple criminal cases, including work on death penalty appeals, challenges to life sentences, and trials involving juveniles or young adults accused of felony crimes. Her work with young, indigent criminal defendants cemented Julia’s desire to try to ensure that children and young adults get treated fairly and are afforded opportunities to succeed. In joining CASA First’s Board of Directors, Julia wants to help maximize foster children’s chances of success. Julia is fluent in Russian, speaks basic French, and is learning Spanish. She received a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego, and a J.D. form New York University.

Ryan Goodman


Ryan, who was born and raised in Santa Fe, is the Chief Managing Officer and Managing Partner at Landseer Management, and Santa Fe Storage and Moving as well as CEO of Around the Corner Self Storage. Ryan graduated with BS Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Montana State University. He is an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School and an Eagle Scout. Ryan’s contributions to CASA First include in the areas of business strategy and development, marketing, leadership and community knowledge.

Spencer Wright


“As a New Englander, it was instilled in us that we must give back to the community in which we live.”

Spencer is a retiree from the State of New Mexico and was an investment professional, managing a portion of the teacher’s pension plans and having full responsibility for the state’s liquid assets. He previously was the operations manager for a small family business in Vermont, and was an investment banker with a focus on 501(c)3 organizations, working extensively with CFOs and boards in capital planning and financial strategy. Spencer has volunteered on a number of boards including Alta Mira, as the treasurer of Assistance Dogs of the West, and served as the board chairperson for the Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan and also volunteers in the Santa Fe County Detention Facility with a mental health organization.

Julia Broggi, JD

Board Member

Julia is an attorney at Holland & Hart LLP and a member of the New Mexico Bar Association. During law school Julia worked with an advocacy clinic in Arizona representing children in abuse and neglect proceedings. With regard to her CASA work, she says, “I’m interested in making sure that children’s voices are heard in what can be complicated and confusing legal proceedings.” Julia holds a JD from the University of Arizona and a BS from the University of Houston.

Betsy Shillinglaw

Board Member

Betsy raised two sons in New York State, and moved to New Mexico in 2010. She has been civically engaged her whole life including a breadth of educational volunteerism. Betsy has a deep held belief that every child deserves to be loved. In addition to being a long term supporter of CASA First, Betsy bring education expertise, and community volunteer experience.

Tony Guiles, MD

Board Member

Tony is a retired Pediatric Anesthesiologist who has served CASA First for over ten years, including previously as Board President. Tony is also a former CASA Volunteer Advocate and has seen first hand the need and impact of CASA First advocacy. He serves on the Board of Directors for El Centro Community Health Clinic in Northern New Mexico.  During his free time, he enjoys traveling and hiking. Tony earned his MD at the University of North Carolina. 

Andres Paglayan

Board Member

Andres emigrated from Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2001. He has a Nursing Degree in the USA and is co-owner of EMR-Bear behavioral health record system. 

Raeanna Sharp-Geiger

Board Member

Raeanna (Rae) was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She has been married for 25 +years and has two children Erik and Owen (22 and 16 respectively) as well as a 10 year-old Weinmaraner, Abbi. She works at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Rae enjoys hiking, travelling, swimming, and reading but her favorite pastime is spending time with her family.

George Flores

Board Member Emeritus

George has extensive community expertise and board experience. He served on Citizens Review Board (NM and Santa Fe County) for child abuse and neglect case oversight, Las Clinicas del Norte and the Talpa Water Association. George was a Foreign Service Officer for 26 years and was stationed all over the world including the Middle East and Russia. In addition to volunteering with multiple non-profits, he is a commercial real estate owner and enjoys wood carving and his ranch in his free time. George and his wife Edith, whom he met in the foreign service live in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba county and George is committed to addressing the needs of our rural communities, especially the ones affecting vulnerable children. George has been affiliated with CASA First since 1996 both as a Volunteer Advocate and a Board member.

Deborah Shroder

We want to thank Deborah Shroder for her years of service as a Board Director.

466 W. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

(505) 820-1500