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We have provided you with a list of the in-service training’s we offer our volunteers. If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming training’s, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Henderson ( 

2019 In-Service Training

In-Service Date Hours


The Providers Documentary

7.5.2019 2
The Providers Documentary 7.25.2019 2
Children’s Medical Services 7.15. 2019 2
Las Cumbres 7.29.2019 3
Rio Arriba Imagination Express Kickoff 8.28.2019 1.5
Foster Documentary 9. 3.2019 2
Foster Documentary 9.27.2019 2
Foster Documentary 11.19.2019 2
Conference of Early Childhood 9.16-9.17.2019 16
National CASA Flex Training 7.24-8.21.2019 32
National CASA Flex Training 1.29-3.6.2020 32
Learning Teen Court Santa Fe 10.7.2019 1
Tea with V 10.14.2019 3
Tea with V 10.23.2019 2
Tea with V 11.22.2019 2
Learning Google Docs 11.5.2019 2
CASA Book Club (Just Mercy) 12.3.2019 1

2020 In-Service Training

No Small Matter Screening with United Way 1.27.2020 2
True Justice Documentary 3.2.2020 2
How to Zoom 4.21.2020 1
How to Zoom 5.1.2020 1
Communicating From Home with Veronica 5.18.2020 1
Coping and Importance of Self-Care with Veronica 5.29.2020 1
What Foster Youth Want You to Know with Veronica 6.01.2020 1
CVRC In-Service 6.02.2020 1
Trauma and Promoting Resiliency in Foster Youth 6.05.2020 1
Minorities in Foster Care 6.08.2020 1
Foster Youth Advocacy Program Introduction 6.12.2020


CASA Support Group 6.17.2020 1.5
New Heights & Radical Shifts in Navigating Life after Foster Care 6.18.2020 1.5
CASA Book Club (Someone Had Led This Child to Believe: A Memoir) 6.19.2020 1
Monthly Peer Support group counts as in-service. Monthly
How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime-Nadine Burke Harris Ted Talk link here Any date 15 min
True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight For Equality link here Any date 1.4
The film Just Mercy is inspired by the book mentioned above and is free to watch (this month only) link here Any date 2.16
If you have a Netflix subscription- The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez (please be advised that this may be hard to watch): link here Any date 6 hrs
Las Cumbres In-Service 6.29.2020





Grievance Procedure & Policy

All employees and Volunteer Advocates are entitled to full consideration of problems arising from their work and have the right to a confidential and impartial hearing of any complaint.

If the matter cannot be settled informally through discussion, the employee may request in writing a review by the Board of Directors, and the Volunteer Advocate may request in writing a review by the Executive Director. The Board or the Executive Director, as the case may be, will examine the problem, make necessary inquiries and, based on the facts presented, make a final and binding decision regarding the complaint.

If there is suspicion of abuse or neglect of a client, a report must be made to the Executive Director immediately.  The Executive Director will immediately investigate the allegation, notify the Board of Directors and take appropriate legal action. The grievance report and a summary of the action taken will be maintained on file.

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